Get more local clients with high converting video, content & less prospecting

Get more local clients with high converting video, content & less prospecting

The Ultimate Video Marketing Production For Real Estate Agents Who Want To...

Dominate Their Industry & Create A Legacy

Have Clients Begging to Work with them

Create Multiple Streams of Income

Gone are the days of...

  • Low reach, low engagement, lead flow drained dry, sales are getting harder
  • End the time-sucking budget-draining, soul-crushing content creation cycle that yields little to no results.
  • Struggle to gain traction and lacking engagement… and feeling like nobody is listening.
  • Your Perfect Customers Are Ignoring Your Message 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with lack of clarity and direction with their brand and content on social media. 
  • Losing hope and being unrecognized, maybe you’re on the verge of burning it all down and giving up. 

Our 3-Step System to Video & High Converting Content

1. Create Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

"The 3% Program" - Sell your home for 3% higher
"Dream home Formula" - Find your dream home in 30 days
"SFHS System" - Stress Free home sale system

- We Dig Deep into your unique value proposition as an agent/team
~ What is the core offer your service provides?

When This is done correctly:
- You are constantly marketing an offer to buyers/sellers want to contact you for.
- You attract the same kind of people who want the same account.
-Your audience has a clear idea of what separates you from your competition.

2. Content Creation

We use your UVP to structure your content strategy
~ Community - Celebrating your city with your UVP
~ Educational Videos with Your UVP
~Personal/Non-businessy videos with your UVP

When Done Correctly:

Homeowners will match your face with your unique offer
Homeowners will separate your face & offer from competitors in your area
Homeowners will constantly be reminded of how& why you're better

3. Paid Promotion

- We digitally doorknock the doors of social media users in your area
- We use high strategy techniques to promote through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Youtube

When This is Done Correctly:

- When surveying 100 Community members, your name should come up as the most recognized agent.
- Every single man, woman and child will see your face 10+ times every month
- Locals will be asking for selfies, Autographs, and even offer business discounts

One Of Our Previous Clients:

Taylor from Red Carpet Rentals

Red Carpet Rentals is an Arizona-based company whose clients include local industry leaders hosting various professional events and weddings.

Taylor first came into contact with our agency through an event we both attended in Scottsdale, AZ.

After we over-delivered for Cindy & Taylor by showing their personalities in brand videos & highlighting their communities in lifestyle videos… now they’ve been able to attract more leads through their Instagram page without paying for any ads.

What Is The Social Media Audit?

So many people were using social media incorrectly that I had to share the social media strategy insights I’ve cultivated over the past five years to everyone, and it's completely free -- no strings attached.

The Social Media Audit is a private review of your Instagram page: a complete breakdown of username, bio, stories, photos, captions, highlights and strategy. You will leave the audit knowing exactly what to do with your page to further your goals -- whether that is for business, or networking.

The reason I review your Instagram page is because Instagram is the most versatile, prominent and most dominant social media platform today for absolutely nothing

There are a few social media principles that I teach you on your audit, and are easily pointed out on Instagram, that you are able to carry them over to any other platform. Instagram is your business card and resume, and you want to make sure it's clean and incredible.

Either I, or one of my social media experts will review your instagram page in a recorded video that we will then break down, answer all of your questions live, and then build you an action guide for your social media that is specific to your goals.

Why The Social Media Audit Is Important

Everyone that you want to network with (the successful entrepreneur), every future business client, and everyone in general is on social media constantly. Truthfully, if you’re not standing out on social media right now, then you essentially don’t exist. Your social media should be seen as the tool that is going to allow you to attract the type of business you want.

If you're a business owner, how do you plan to generate leads if it's not through social media? Radio ads? TV commercials? Billboards? Those are laughable. Social media for business is fast, scalable and free.

If you want to network with successful people, how do you plan to get in front of their face? Bump into them at the coffee shop? Beg their manager to meet you over email? Stalk their house? Social media is the most efficient and direct way to meet successful people and bring them into your life.

By not improving your social media, you are passing up on a tons of opportunities that would elevate your business & life. There has never been a better time to improve your social media than right now.

This Is also completely free, I will not be doing free audits forever, or even the next couple of months. Doing personal reviews of each and every person’s page is a time consuming process. My team and I simply don’t have time to handle the large influx of Instagram Audit Requests. Click the button below to get your free Instagram Audit.

Who do we work with

Real Estate Professionals

Realtors are immersed in one of the most archaic industries. We help them stand out and become the Ryan Serhant of their market.

Local Business Owners

Local businesses are constantly overwhelmed with competition. We help them attract and retain clients at scale

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